Where Can I Ask My Business Queries Online?

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If you have any doubt or want to share information on general business topics then Bizbilla would be the perfect platform that allows you to post your queries online and get clarified. You can ask your question in any of the listed business category were your question will get listed after admin approval and will be shortly answered by the business experts.


Get worldwide hotel details

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The eminent B2B portal Bizbilla provides worldwide hotels directory where you can get details of hotels across the globe. Search information of hotels by selecting the particular county. You can also refine your Hotel search either by providing name of the Hotel or by choosing the type of hotel (Hotel and resorts, Hotels resorts and palace, resort, palace, Inn, lodge, motel, spa, and mansions).


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Best Cities To Do Business In India

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According to the World Bank’s Doing Business Report 2016, India stands in 130th position across the globe. From this we can know that India is one of best places to do business. Initiatives done by Indian Government make it easier for the entrepreneurs and companies to carry out their business easily. India can be termed as business-oriented nation with the increase in foreign direct investment and buying power. Economy of the country has seen a massive growth and it is expected to grow more in the upcoming years.


Free Business B2B Android App

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Today it’s quite essential to have business app for your business. Nowadays everyone uses smart phone and do their trading, purchases and payment online. Mobile apps act as branding tool for your business to make your customers informed about your products and services, allow easy search, place orders and leads to high customer loyalty. This in turn helps you to increase your productivity.


How To Make Successful B2B Content Marketing In 2016?

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To make B2B content marketing successful in 2016, you need to decide the strategies you are going to use, plan accordingly and know about the predictions of content marketing in this year. Here are some tips for you that would help you to succeed in B2B content marketing